Agitprop: Glorious War Against Statues Edition

The Bear was surprised at Mr. Biden's unexpected announcement to put all Confederate monuments in a museum. It would very big and expensive of course, and might face political opposition, so you must given Biden credit for guts, at least. (See artist's conception of National Museum of the Confederacy dwarfing Washington D.C. Or whatever our capitol is named by the time you read this, since George Washington did own slaves, after all.)

Any doubts about Mr. Biden's cognitive ability were demolished by his elegant distinction between good monuments to slave holders and bad monuments to slave holders. Its precision and ease of application impresses the Bear's legal mind. Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis both owned about the same large number of slaves. However, Jefferson Davis broke away from one government and formed a new one. Also, The constitution of the Confederate States of America allowed slavery. Airtight, Mr. Biden. Bravo. In other news on the War Against Statu…

Biden Waves the Bloody Shirt

Clearly, Mr. Biden has spent his time in isolation threading the needle of the climaxing kulturkampf. His argument argument on which slavery-related monuments should survive, however, was alarming. He pulled the old Reconstruction-era tactic of "waving the bloody shirt."
The Bear hasn't dabbled much in politics. He has seen kings and candidates, parties, and whole nations come and go. However, he can't in good conscience ignore Mr. Biden's press conference. It was everything we've come to expect in this calamitous Year of Our Lord 2020 and worse.
This is not about slavery, the Confederacy, race relations, police brutality, or even the destruction of monuments. In 1861 the Bear was in Rome, licking his wounds after the fall of Gaeta to Garibaldi. Along with His Highness Francis II of the Two Sicilies and his lovely wife Maria Sophia, he was (more or less) the guest of Pope Pius IX. This was his flag, then.
The Bear didn't even know about your war until 1863, …

Mississippi's New Pan-Slavic Flag & Fix

The Bear will unveil his design for the new Mississippi State Flag. He's proud of it and believes it will satisfy everyone and bring peace to his human friends. But first a short lesson is in order to show how problems arise when you don't know history. The Bear loves you, but to you, "history" is something you clear from your browser after you visit dubious websites.

Old Mississippi State Flag Slavery? Nope.
As readers probably know--since it just happened--the old flag of Mississippi has been consigned to the vast dustbin of American injustice. In 1320 years, the Bear has seen and served under a lot of flags, They come and go along with everything they represent.  All of them have fluttered over evil and heroism alike.
But this particular Mississippi state flag dates from 1894, long after the Civil War. 
During that conflict, Mississippi had a white flag featuring a magnolia tree. The old "Bonnie Blue Flag" was in the upper left. The Bonnie Blue Flag originate…

Memo From Satan to "Faithless Servant"

The Bear has come into possession of a letter (actually a copy) that may be of of interest to his readers. He cannot reveal details nor can he vouch for its authenticity. He will say that it was allegedly found wrapping three cigars somewhere in Vatican City.
The Bear strongly cautions against making a guessing game about the recipient, who is unnamed. He notes only that it purports to be written sometime after 1965. The Bear is certain Satan has had many servants since then, as he has in every age.
So why publicize such a dubious and scurrilous document? To the extent it might reflect the facts, the Bear hopes Catholics can take heart from the Adversary's perception of disaster when many seem convinced that he's all but won the war.
The Bear trusts readers to recognize its obvious lies. The Bear has redacted expletives, crudities, and some other matter that do not belong on this Ephemeris.
Finally, remember the unending encouragement in the Psalms alone. Regular prayer of the Div…

St. Corbinian's Bear and the "Damnable Question"

The correct attitude. That's what's missing. The sudden departure of the Bear and disappearance of his Ephemeris may have left some wondering, even expecting an explanation.The Bear has monitored the situation as closely as circumstances have permitted. What he has realized is that no other 1300-year-old talking Bear has stepped into the breach in his absence. He happens to know that St. Seraphim's Bear, for example, speaks excellent English. He may be excused on the grounds of youth and schism, however.Well, maybe there's only one Bear who can do this. He'll give you the reason for dropping in now, but first, remember this bit of agitprop? Prophetic Bear. With the signature of the Most Reverend Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome, our putative Pope, and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, whose bona fides, of the two, are, as far as the Bear knows, unclouded, we are blessed with the Three Great Abrahamic Religions Worship Center and Waterpark in Abu Dhabi. We ha…